• accurIT Consulting

    Information Technology Partners for Small Business


We recognized that many small businesses were frustrated with their IT vendor. This was due to insufficient documentation, inflated invoicing, slow response times and/or bloated solutions. Since 2009, we’ve been helping businesses transition to a better place, in terms of their IT solutions. We have done this by providing clear and comprehensive IT solutions that are properly documented, end-to-end.

accurIT Consulting is a full-service, Information Technology consulting firm, with over 16 years of experience. We also provide businesses with the tools and information they need, in order to be self-sufficient. We have been and always will be committed to delivering services with a personal touch that’s not always seen in the Information Technology industry. In addition to being a dedicated IT provider, accurIT Consulting is a resource for other IT Consulting firms looking to complete larger projects or projects that require a particular area of expertise.